-15 outstanding Cellists have gathered as Seoul Solist Cello Ensemble. The unexpected range of repertoire is waiting to entertain you.- 

The Seoul Solist Cello Ensemble (SSCE) was founded in 2006 by Heesong Song with 14 outstanding cellists in Korea. Their aim, through intensive rehearsals and by demanding the highest standards from musicians, is to make the ensemble’s concerts significant events in Korean’s musical life. 
The SSEC held the debut concert in Kumho Art Hall in Seoul and Sori Arts Center in Jeonju, and highly praised by their own individual treatment and interpretation among the marvelous harmony. 
They have performed in numerous outstanding venues like Seoul Arts Center, Seongnam Arts Center, and Sejong Chamber Hall. The Ensemble attracts their audience with various well-known classic, Jazz, and pop music, and a large repertoire from baroque to contemporary and even arrangements of famous classical pieces such as “Four Seasons” by Vivaldi, “Variation on Rococo Theme” by Tchaikovsky, and “Entertainer” by Joplin. 

To promote the artistic development and satisfaction of its members, the SSCE places great emphasis on the performance of new repertoire and performing many premieres. The Ensemble is planning to present concerts for children and family, music camps and lecture concerts and collaborate with the artists around the world.